Working with Assets in the Document Management System

The Document Management System (DMSDocument Management System; Ektron's way of managing assets (Microsoft Office files and other types of files)) lets you import Microsoft Office files and other types of files into Ektron. Collectively, these files are called assetan external file, such as a Microsoft Word document or image, stored in one of these Ektron siteroot folders: assets, privateassets, uploadedfiles and uploadedimages. An asset can be managed like native Ektron content.s. When you import and save an asset to Ektron, a copy of it is saved to the Document Management server. Then, whenever you edit and save the asset, a new copy is stored, letting you review and, if needed, restore a prior version.

To edit an asset, download it to your local computer, edit it and the upload it again into Ektron.

Assets have the following qualities:

After you save an asset, you can update and track it like other content. Assets are treated like other content for security purposes. A system administrator applies security to each folder, determining which user groups can perform which tasks on its content. For more information, see Managing Folder and Content Permissions and Checking Document Management Permissions.

The AssetControl and ImageControl server controls are associated with DMS content.