Editing in Ektron

IMPORTANT: If you are using Internet Explorer 11, set the following parameters to ensure optimum functionality.
1. Press Alt/X to display the Internet Explorer Tools menu.
2. Choose Compatibility View Settings.
3. Uncheck Display intranet sites in Compatibility View.

If you are using Internet Explorer 10, set the following parameters to ensure optimum functionality.
1. Press F12. A settings menu bar appears at the bottom of the browser above the tabs.
2. Set Browser Mode to IE10 (not Compatibility view).
3. Set Document Mode to Standards.
4. Click X to exit.

In several places within the Ektron Workarea, a rich-text editor appears. For example, when creating or editing HTML content, the editor lets you apply text styling, insert images and tables, and edit the content source. To access these functions, use the editor toolbar.

In some editor locations, the toolbar "floats," and you can drag it to any screen location. In other locations, the toolbar is fixed at the top of the editor. To change a fixed toolbar so that it can float, see Detaching the Editor's Fixed Toolbar

NOTE: If the editor toolbar is floating, you can place it anywhere on the screen and make it stay by clicking on the pin icon (). When pinned, the icon changes ().

The editor toolbar consists of tabs with buttons. A system administrator can customize the toolbar options depending on the context. For example, he may want the Inspector available when editing content in the Workarea but not while editing "in context." For information about customizations, see Customizing the Editor and Modifying Editor Plug-ins.