Defining product recommendation rules

Create and configure the rules to be applied to the product recommendations shown in your widgetConfigurable screen element that displays information.. You can apply a rule to positions in the widget. You also can create different rules for each position, or leave a position blank to show the default output of the Episerver algorithms.

  • Click Merchandising rule to add another recommendation rule for a broader range of products, such as any product with more than 10 units vailable. Only products that match the recommendation rule and the Episerver algorithms are displayed.
  • Click Hand-pick rule to create a rule that overrides the recommendation rule when a specific product is viewed. The product recommendations are displayed regardless of the recommendation rule and the Episerver algorithms.
  • Use the drop-down fields to add the required criteria for the product recommendations in the same way as you would for a Master rule.
  • You can add more than one criterion in the same rule by using +, and the AND and OR operators.
  • After you finish setting up your rule, drag and drop the rule number to the required position in the widget, where you want it applied. The following image shows rule 1 applied to product position 1, and rule 2 applied to product position 2 and 3 and rule 3 applied to position 4. You can apply the same rule to more than one product position. If you want the same rule to apply to all products in a widget, click Apply to all.

  • You can add more than one rule to the same Product Recommendations campaignPersonalization: Describes rules for displaying recommendations that share a strategy and time frame while marketing a product or service., if want to apply different rules to different positions in the same widget. For example, you can apply rules for the first product to have a sale price of 25.00 or more, the second product between 15.00 and 24.99, and the third product under 15.00. To add another rule, click +.

    Image: Add multiple rules to a campaign

  • Click the currency code to select another currency code from the resulting menu.

    Image: Change the currency

  • Click Toggle Advanced if you want to manually enter the coding.

    Image: Advanced coding of rules