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This user guide describes functionality available in the latest release of a standard implementation of the Episerver platform software and services. New features are continuously made available. See Episerver updates.

Due to frequent feature releases, this user guide may describe functionality that is not yet available to you. Contact your system administrator for information about products and versions in your Episerver implementation.

This release of the Episerver User Guide describes features available in Episerver as of 2020-07-22. See release notes (below) for update history. See Archived documentation for previously released user guides and for older release notes.

Release notes 2020

Released Area Features and updates
2020-07-22 Campaign In the Recipient history, you can now irrevocably delete recipient data according to GDPR regulations.

Changed user management: You can only assign roles to users, not individual permissions.

2020-07-02 Episerver platform The new topics, Providing product recommendations and Providing content recommendations, have been added.
2020-06-25 Campaign The new topic Scheduled jobs in the support section informs about the possibilities to set up scheduled import and export jobs and other features using the new online forms on Episerver World.
2020-06-25 Commerce The beta phase of the Order Management screen has been expired. Customer service representatives can perform common tasks on carts, orders and payment plans.

On the Order Management screen, you can now add a new shipping address to a customer's order without editing an existing address or adding a new address to the customer's address book. (update 321)

2020-06-12 Languages Added Connecting to the auto-translation service to Episerver Languages. (update 319)
2020-06-12 Personalization Personalization user interface was updated. (update 318)
2020-06-12 Campaign

A new topic, Using marketing segments as target groups for mailing campaigns, has been added.

The new E-commerce integration guide section provides an introduction to working with Episerver Campaign, and integrations with e-commerce systems.

2020-05-28 CMS A new topic, Best practices for organizing assets, has been added.
2020-05-28 Commerce Several updates to the Order Management screen, including the ability to easily find carts, customers, purchase orders and payment plans. You can now also create purchase orders and exchange orders on the Order Management screen. (update 317)
2020-05-28 Campaign You can use the extended recipient list connector to address more than 100,000 recipients per campaign with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Deep Analytics: Pivot tables now support HTML5. As some functionalities changed, the documentation was adjusted accordingly. (update 317)

Template Kit: You can now change the image quality of the uploaded image in the image bar paragraphs, text/image paragraphs, content interface paragraphs and in the general SWYN settings to adjust the image display in the mailing. In addition, SWYN is now available for WhatsApp and email.

2020-05-14 Forms You can now disable the replacement of placeholders in rich-text form elements in multi-step forms. (update 315)
2020-05-07 CMS You can now turn the A/B testing feature on and off from admin view. (update 314)
2020-05-07 Personalization Content Recommendations anonymously tracks visitor activity on a website to build a profiles for each visitor. Analysis of a unique profile lets you deliver the most relevant content to each visitor.
2020-04-30 Episerver platform A new topic, Working with search engine optimization, has been added.
2020-04-23 Campaign You can change the URL of the confirmation page the unsubscribe link points to. See Unsubscribers. (update 312)

See Deliverability basics for information about email authentication and encryption.

2020-04-16 Commerce Customer service representatives can process a return authorization and create a refund for a customer. (update 311)
2020-04-16 Campaign In the Episerver Campaign start menu, the Episerver Reach menu item has been renamed to Personalization Portal. The Personalization Portal lets you access Episerver Product Recommendations and Episerver Email Product Recommendations. The Episerver Insight menu item has been renamed to Visitor Intelligence. Episerver Visitor Intelligence lets you view and filter website visitor profiles, and create customer segments. (update 312)
2020-03-20 Add-ons The ExactTarget Marketing Automation connector is now Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) and the Silverpop Marketing Automation connector is now Watson Marketing (Silverpop).
2020-03-20 Campaign The new Opt-in processes feature lets you create and manage opt-in processes and its opt-in emails (registration confirmations). (update 308)

You can use the Block node in transactional mails to exclude recipients who are on a custom blacklist. (update 308)

2020-03-20 Add-ons Marketing Automation has a new Delivra connector. (update 306)
2020-03-20 Commerce The scheduled job Collect orders per promotion statistics reworks the collection of order statistics to improve performance. (update 305)
2020-03-20 Search & Navigation The product Episerver Find has been renamed to Episerver Search & Navigation throughout this user guide. Note that the old product name 'Find' can still occur in the user interface.
2020-03-20 Campaign In the Advanced node of the Marketing Automation, you can filter recipients by Insight segments. (update 306)
2020-03-20 Commerce

On the Order Management screen, you can now process an order return. (update 305)

2020-03-20 Personalization Email Product Recommendations: You can add an email product description that has a transparent background. When you use a top-up or fallback, a preview appears. (update 306)

Product Recommendations: In generated HTML, you can define the default image size that is sent for empty images that have no products. (update 306)

Triggered Messages: You can fire triggers based on locale so you can send emails to customers in the correct language. When you use the AddToGroup or RemoveFromGroup ESP actions, there is no limit to the number of triggers fired by Contact frequency. You can set a limit for campaigns using the SendMessage ESP action. (update 306)

2020-02-20 Episerver platform A new section, User scenarios, has been added to the user guide describing common cross-platform user scenarios, such as working with products, optimizing search results, or using visitor groups for personalization.
2020-02-20 Campaign When configuring a Mobile Push message in Smart Campaigns, you can now upload an image or specify an external image URL. (update 304)
2020-02-20 Campaign In the Advanced node of the Marketing Automation you can limit the number of recipients to whom the mailing is to be sent. (update 302)
2020-02-20 Commerce On the Order Management screen, you can now view returns. (update 299)
2020-02-20 Personalization You can now prioritize Triggered Messages campaigns.
2020-01-20 Campaign The new feature SMS processes lets you create and manage SMS processes such as unsubscribing from marketing SMS by sending the keyword Stop or requesting help by sending the keyword Help. (update 304)
2020-01-20 Search & Navigation A new topic, Using Personalized Search & Navigation, provides information about the Personalized Search & Navigation product: its benefits, how it works, and how to enable it.
2020-01-20 Campaign Several updates to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration: You can assign Episerver Campaign test lists to check the mailing content before dispatch. The process of preparing the campaign activity for dispatch has been revised. (update 298)

Several updates to the Magento 2 integration: Screenshots and names have been adjusted to the new version 1.3.5. (update 298)

In the API overview, you can find information about the Episerver Campaign REST API. (update 298)

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