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This user guide describes functionality available in the latest release of a standard implementation of the Episerver platform software and services. New features are continuously made available, see Episerver updates.

Note:   Due to frequent feature releases, this user guide may describe functionality that is not yet available to you. Contact your system administrator for information about products and versions in your Episerver implementation.

This release of the Episerver User Guide describes features available in Episerver as of July 10, 2019, see release notes below for update history. See Archived documentation for previously released user guides.

Release notes

Released Area Features and updates

July 10, 2019

Forms The form element types Rich text and Submit button can now be dependent on other fields, which means they can be displayed or hidden depending on a visitor's previous input. See Dependencies tab in Form element types. (update 269)
Commerce The Order Management screen lets you convert any cart to a purchase order and accept payments. See Order management screen . (update 271)
Campaign If you are using Spryker as an e-commerce platform, you can integrate Episerver Campaign to connect e-commerce and mailing activities. See Spryker integration.

Added menu entries Episerver Insight and Episerver Reach to Campaign start menu.

June 13, 2019 CMS An administrator can now require a review requester to add a comment when sending an item for review. See Managing approval sequences and Collaboration. (update 265)


The Episerver Campaign User Guide is now a section in the Episerver User Guide.
Marketing Automation connectors Support for multiple instances of a connector, to use for example in separate regions. See Episerver Pardot and Episerver Marketo. (update 244)

Archived documentation

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