Registration confirmations (opt-in emails) are sent in real-time via the high-performanceEpiserver Campaign transaction APIStands for "application programming interface". The API specifies how some software components should interact with each other, such as accessing a database or computer hardware, or easing the work of programming graphical user interface components. APIs often are in the form of a library that includes specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, and variables. when a recipient registers for your newsletter. Once started, registration confirmations remain in Sending status.

To open the overview, go to start menuMain screen in Episerver Campaign, where the available options are grouped together. > Campaigns > Confirmations. Registration confirmations appear in the top half of the window.

Selecting a media type

You can select the following media types for registration confirmations, each of which are sent via different channels. The recipient list for a confirmation must be compatible with the delivery channel.

Delivery channel Sends registration confirmation via Required recipient list type
Mail email Mail or multiple list
Print message via post (letter or postcard) Print or multiple list
Fax fax Fax or multiple list
SMS SMS SMS or multiple list

Viewing status

The overview displays a status for each registration confirmation.

  • Sending. Confirmation is active and sending opt-in emails to newly registered recipients.
  • Canceled. Confirmation is canceled and cannot be restarted.

Note:  To resume the sending process, contact customer support.

Registration confirmation actions

You can perform the following actions for registration confirmations.

  • Edit. To modify a registration confirmation, select it and click Edit. See also: Creating and editing campaigns.
  • Cancel. To cancel the sending of an active registration confirmation (in Sending status), select it and click Cancel.

    Note:  You cannot restart canceled registration confirmations. To resume the sending process, contact customer support.

  • Analyze. Select an active registration confirmation and click Analysis to check how many opt-in mails were sent via a registration confirmation. You can also see additional parameters such as openings, clicks, bounces or unsubscribers.