Recommending Related Products to a Customer

IMPORTANT: Ektron has discontinued new development on its eCommerce module. If you have a license to eCommerce, you will continue to receive support, but if you need to upgrade, contact your account manager for options.

Ektron eCommerce lets you recommend related products to a customer (site visitor) based on products they are currently viewing.

Cross sell and upsell tactics are designed to increase the amount of cart sales. Use the Recommendation server control to add cross sell and upsell offers.

Cross sell offers items related to a catalog entry. So, for example, if someone is purchasing a digital camera, cross sell items might be a carrying bag, digital photo printer, larger memory cards, additional warranty, and so on.

Up Sell refers to similar but more expensive items. So, for example, if someone is viewing a 7 megapixel digital camera, upsell items might be a 10 megapixel camera, or a digital SLR camera.