Designing an eCommerce Site

IMPORTANT: Ektron has discontinued new development on its eCommerce module. If you have a license to eCommerce, you will continue to receive support, but if you need to upgrade, contact your account manager for options.

To demonstrate how to set up, build, and deploy an online marketplace using Ektron, the example site in this topic ( sells furniture and accessories and leverages many eCommerce features.

Before you start building the website, consider the goals of your online marketplace. Do you want to simply sell as many products as possible? Or, is the website a value-added component designed to enhance the customer (site visitor) experience? When considering the design and functionality, what you intend to sell plays a significant role. For example, are you selling durable goods? Subscriptions? Access to premium content? All of the above? These consideration can help you plan your website's layout.

Shipping options, payment methods, taxation, and the look-and-feel of your store's website also need to be determined. Be sure to address your store's general workflow—that is, how shoppers are guided through the shopping experience.