Using the Map Server Control

The Map server control displays a map that flags locations of interest. Each location is an Ektron content item to which map information was added. For example, if your site hosts a school district, each location could represent one school. For information about Map server control properties, see Map Properties.

You can zoom the map in and out, get directions to a location, and narrow the list of locations using a text search. For example, if your map initially flags all schools in a geographic area, you can redraw the map to show only schools with a gym.

If you want the map to show events, you can apply dates to Ektron content, which allows searching by date or location.

IMPORTANT: As a map’s boundaries change, only locations within boundaries appear. Likewise, if a date is assigned to content, only content within the selected date range appears.

If a map has at least one flagged location, a box can appear to its right with information about each location, which are sorted by distance to starting location. From this box, you can:

When you hover the cursor over a numbered map location, a text “bubble” appears.

Ektron supports 2 map providers: Google mapsand Bing maps.