Using the SocialBar Server Control

The SocialBar server controla server control uses API language to interact with the CMS and Framework UI to display the output. A server control can be dragged and dropped onto a Web form and then modified. lets users of a community website bookmark colleagues, community groups, and content. The following table explains the details.

Item being


  • Sends colleague requests
  • Removes colleagues when a user visits another user’s profile page
  • Join and leave community group
  • Invite others to join group

Add or remove content and URLs from a user’s Favorites. See also: Favorites

The Social Bar control also is used to bookmark Web pages with Social Bookmarking services, such as Digg.comor By default, and are loaded in the Items property of the server control.

In addition, the Social Bar control can print or email a Web page, and invite non-site users to become members of the site. Clicking Invite links to a Web page that hosts the Invite server control. See also: Invite.

For information about SocialBar properties, see SocialBar.