User-ranking of content

The Content Review feature lets you:

The ContentReview server control enables Ektron users, membership users, and site visitors to rate and review content on a Web page, and lets you display the reviews on your site.

Ektron restricts users to one review per page. If a regular or membership user logs in before rating a piece of content, Ektron remembers the user ID. For any other site visitor, Ektron places a cookie on the person's computer. So, when a page with a ContentReview server control is visited, Ektron checks the user ID and cookie. If neither exists, it displays a rating scale. If the user already rated the page, the user can edit the review but not enter a new one.

NOTE: If you are not logged in as an Ektron or membership user, the browser must have cookiesData related to a user and Web browsing activity, such as login information, shopping cart data, and other data. enabled to submit a content review.