Managing Community Groups

IMPORTANT: Membership User Groups and Community Groups are different concepts. Membership User Groups let an administrator create a group of membership users, thereby reducing the effort required to assign identical permissions to many users. See Membership Groups. Community Groups are explained in this section.

Community groups are another feature of Ektron's Community Platform. Group members can easily meet people with similar interests, such as car racing.

Groups have similar features and functions to user features. For example, a community group can have a Message Board, Discussion Board, maintain a membership list, and keep a group journal. You can manage community groups from the website or the Workarea.

You can assign a taxonomya content-level categorization system that uses one-to-many relationships (such as Ronald Reagan is to Actor, Governor, and President) to create a scalable organization of content. A taxonomy lets your site visitors navigate content independent of the folder structure. category to a community group so that users can browse and search for groups by category. You also can assign taga keyword that you assign to a user, group, content, or library item to give it additional identification.s to a community group, which let users find groups when searching by tag name.

You can access community group information in the following areas of the Workarea:

To view a list of all community groups in the Workarea, click the Settings > Community Management > Community Groups.

The following server controls are associated with community groups: