Copying from Other Applications

You can copy information from most other Windows applications into eWebEdit400 and retain most or all of the original application’s formatting. In general, copying from another application involves these steps.

1. Sign on to the application that contains the information.

2. Select the text to be copied.

3. Press <Ctrl>+<C>.

4. Go to eWebEdit400.

5. Press <Ctrl>+<V> to paste the selected information.

Note that you can only copy content, not background information that generates content. So, for example, you can copy the values in a spreadsheet but not the formulas used to generate them. Also, copying dynamic fields from Microsoft Word retrieves the current value of the fields but not the variables that generate the values.

It’s a good idea to experiment with copying from different sources to test the results.

Copying from Microsoft Word

eWebEdit400 is very flexible in handling content pasted from Word. The table below presents your options and how your users can achieve them.

To preserve

Apply this Application Setup screen setting

Press this toolbar button

MS Word styles, class attributes, and all HTML tags

Check Preserve MS-Word Styles, Preserve MS-Word Classes

Paste () or
<Ctrl> + <V>

All HTML tags

Uncheck Preserve MS-Word Styles, Preserve MS-Word Classes

Paste () or
<Ctrl> + <V>

HTML tags except <span> and <font> tags

Not applicable

Paste from Word

Visual line breaks only

Not applicable

Paste Plain Text

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