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Episerver Insight is a user interface for viewing and filtering visitor profiles, and creating customer segments that can be used in your omnichannel marketing campaigns. The Insight information is based on tracking of the behavior of your online visitors, for example when viewing content, or products on an e-commerce site.

Episerver Insight lets you view and use profile data in the following ways:

  • Viewing profiles. Displays a list of visitors that have viewed your site.
    • Filters let you display profiles based on selected criteria.
    • An individual profile view shows detailed information such as name, email, company, country of origin (based on the visitor's IP address), the time of the last visit to the site, and so on.
  • Creating segments. Create user segments from the profile list.
    • Each segment is an extract of profiles that match the criteria that you have set up for the segment.
    • You can use segments as criteria when you create visitor groups in Episerver CMS.
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