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The base of the Episerver platform is the CMS (Content Management System) with its core features for online content creation, publishing, and website management. The platform can be extended with Episerver Commerce for managing e-commerce tasks, and Episerver Find for building advanced search features, and a broad selection of other add-ons from both Episerver and third-parties.


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Episerver CMS is a powerful yet easy to use web content management platform, based on cutting edge technology. The intuitive user interface and superior usability of Episerver CMS allow both experienced and occasional users to efficiently manage website content. See Managing content to work with CMS features.

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Adding Episerver Commerce to your CMS solution brings e-commerce functionality such as catalog, customer and order management, combining the powerful content publishing and display features of CMS with advanced back-end online store management. See Commerce section for Episerver Commerce features.

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There are many add-ons available for extending your Episerver solution. The add-ons from Episerver described in this documentation add features such as advanced search, Google Analytics and social media integrations. Add-ons are usually installed on your website by a developer and you may have to add them as gadgets to make them available in the edit viewA section of the user interface where you edit content items, such as pages and blocks. To access edit view, log in and select CMS > Edit. (See admin view for comparison.). See Managing gadgets to work with gadgets.

See What's new for recent features.

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