Product Recommendations interface

The Product Recommendations interface is available in the Episerver Personalization Portal.

  1. Access the Episerver Personalization Portal at the URLStands for "Uniform Resource Locator". Also known as a web address such as provided to you when your user account was created. This will be one of the following URLs:
  2. Log in to the Episerver Personalization Portal with your provided credentials. If you do not have your login details, contact

    Image: Personalization Portal Login screen

  3. Select the Recommendations tab in the navigation bar. In the Product Recommendations interface, you can create new merchandising campaignsPersonalization: Describes rules for displaying recommendations that share a strategy and time frame while marketing a product or service., and view or edit the campaigns that you have already set up.

    Image: Recommendations tab

  4. Click Create a new campaign to start setting up a new campaign. See Setting up an Email Product Recommendations campaign or Setting up a Product Recommendations campaign.
  5. To edit an existing campaign, click the campaign name or Edit Episerver image next to it.