Scheduled jobs

On request, customer support sets up scheduled jobs for you that automate regular tasks like recipient list based import and export. CSVStands for "comma-separated values"; tabular data in a plain text file separated by the comma character. files form the basis for regular automatic imports and exports.

To get information on which scheduled jobs are already configured or running in your client, you can use the Episerver Campaign REST API. See the Swagger REST API documentation.

Sending a request

To use this feature, you need an SCP account that Episerver customer support has set up for you. Contact customer support if you do not have an account yet.

A selection of available scheduled jobs can be found under Scheduled jobs on Episerver World. Click on a job to open a description page that contains a link to the corresponding online form.

Image: Link to the scheduled jobs online form

To use the online form, you need to log in to Episerver World or create a new account within a few steps. Open the form and fill in all mandatory fields and add optional information.

Upon submission of the form, processing fees are incurred in the amount of the contractually agreed support costs. If there are additional setup costs besides the processing fee, customer support will contact you with an offer.

Automatic data import

Automatic import jobs let you synchronize your external distribution list with Episerver Campaign's recipient lists. You can decide whether the import should take place daily, weekly or monthly.

The file is transmitted via SCPStands for "Secure Copy Protocol". Network protocol for secure data transfer. and stored on a server provided by Episerver. The import to your clientThe working environment of Episerver Campaign. A client is a stand-alone and closed system that serves to organize your mailings. Campaign users can use one or more clients for your scenario. is handled automatically. You receive a success notification after each import.

Episerver Campaign supports automatic recipient list imports, automatic blacklist imports and unsubscriber imports.

Automatic data export

The automatic recipient export writes list entries from Episerver Campaign to a CSV file and stores it on a server provided by Episerver. You can then download the CSV file automatically or manually from this server.

Episerver Campaign supports automatic recipient list export, automatic blacklists export, automatic unsubscriber exports and outbounced recipients exports.

Other features

In addition to the import and export jobs, there are more features such as the dispatch of the latest mailing after double opt-in feature that automatically sends the last mailing to newly registered recipients when they have gone through the double opt-inA practice in which a recipient consents to receiving email from the sender before any promotional email is sent. Recipients receive an email with a double opt-in link, which they must click to confirm their interest. process.

For more information on available jobs and features, see Scheduled jobs on Episerver World.