Content paragraphs

Within your mailing's Grouping paragraphs, you can insert the following types of content paragraphs and fill them with content. To do this, click New: Content paragraph and select the desired type.

  • Product paragraph. Adds a paragraph with predefined fields for product details. See also: General settings.
  • Product paragraph with content interface. Imports product data, such as offer texts and product images, from your webspace or server into the Template Kit.
  • Content interface paragraph. Add items from your online shop to a mailing.
  • Source code paragraph. Enter HTML and a separate text version.
  • Text or image paragraph. Contains a text area and an image, which you can place relative to a text block and headline.
  • Table of contents paragraph. Automatically creates a table of contents from the headlines of content paragraphs or a grouping paragraph. It is placed in content paragraphs in the newsletter. Content paragraphs excluded from the table of contents are ignored.
  • Image bar paragraph. Create a vertical or horizontal image bar with up to 10 images. The images are scaled down automatically; so, the more images you include, the smaller each image is displayed.
  • Separator paragraph. Only for structuring purposes; contains no content.
  • RSS feed paragraph. Load content from an RSS feed into your mailing.
  • Recommendations paragraph. Adds automatically generated individual recommendations for each recipient through a URL. You need a software that generates recommendations based on a recipient's actions.
  • Facebook paragraph. Integrate current Facebook posts into your message.
  • Twitter paragraph. Integrate current tweets into your message.
  • Navigation menu. Creates navigation bars with links to landing pages or deep links.