Spryker integration

This topic is for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Spryker.

This topic gives you an overview of the Spryker integration with Episerver Campaign. With the Spryker integration, you can reliably manage your advertising consent: your customers can sign in to your newsletter directly in your Spryker shop and unsubscribe simply by clicking the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

The Spryker integration provides the following features:

Setting up Episerver Campaign

To set up the Spryker integration in your client, contact customer support.

Preparing recipient lists

Provide Episerver with the names of your Episerver clients. Customer support adapts the recipient lists to the Spryker integration.

A recommended client setup uses two separate clients: one for sending newsletters and the other for sending transactional mailsAn email triggered by a recipient action (such as an order or purchase) or event (such as an anniversary). It is sent out subsequent to the event.. Episerver offers a standard template for the required recipient lists that is suitable for many applications and scenarios. To check if the standard template meets your requirements, contact customer support.

Referencing opt-in emails to Spryker

After customers have subscribed to the newsletter in your Spryker shop, Episerver Campaign sends a registration confirmation with a confirmation link that completes the newsletter registration process. To reference the confirmation link to Spryker, adjust the field function in the confirmation link.

  1. Log in to Episerver Campaign.
  2. Open the start menuMain screen in Episerver Campaign, where the available options are grouped together. and select Campaigns > Confirmations.
  3. Select the confirmation mailing that Episerver customer support has set up in your client and that is to reference to your Spryker shop.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. In the Edit confirmation mailing window, hover over the message node and click Properties  .
  6. Click Edit content.
  7. In the Edit content window, click the name of the paragraph that contains the confirmation link.
  8. In the right Content area, in the Text field, click Source .
  9. Replace the opt-in link with the following code: {Double-Opt-In-Link}?id={subscriber_key}

    Image: Adding the opt-in link in the text field

    If you ordered a new confirmation mailing from customer support, the mailing is empty. Edit the mailing and insert the desired content. Use the code above for the double opt-in link.

  10. Click ApplyCloseSave and close.

Setting up Spryker


When you have the necessary information from Episerver Campaign, follow the steps on the Spryker documentation website.