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The multi-channel tracking software from intelliAd enables you to evaluate and optimize your email campaignsAll elements of a Smart Campaign or Marketing Automation. This includes the complete structure, including all nodes, edges and their relationship with each other, as created in Episerver Campaign. together with other online channels. In addition to the email channel, the software can also analyze search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and price search engines. Clicks from newsletters are tracked by the intelliAd software, assigned to a channel (email) and displayed in the campaign overview.


The integration does not require any direct data exchange between Episerver Campaign and intelliAd. You must have an intelliAd account. In Episerver Campaign, intelliAd is integrated into the mailing creation process. The software uses link masking to redirect all links in a tracked mailing via the intelliAd server. The masked links are automatically generated and include multiple parameters enabling them to be assigned to a distinct client. You merely have to generate an ID string in intelliAd and enter it in the intelliAd tab when creating the mailing. When clicking on a masked link, the recipient will first be redirected to the intelliAd tracking server (without noticing this). The tracking server analyzes the parameters included in the extension and saves them in the database. The recipient is then redirected to the actual target page.

Link extension

The following parameters are added to each link in a mailing for tracking via intelliAd:

  • intelliAdcustomerId: Identifies you as the intelliAd customer.
  • marktId: Identifies Episerver Campaign as the source of the link.
  • channelId: Identifies the marketing channel, usually email or newsletter, for links from a mailing.
  • campaignId: Identifies a campaign in intelliAd. Multiple channels can be combined into a single campaign.

    This ID does not belong to a Marketing AutomationThe tool for creating automated, multilevel campaigns. campaign in Episerver Campaign.

  • adGroupId: Identifies an AdGroup.
  • subId: Generated from the mailing ID and the subject of the mailing.

Configuring the mailing for tracking

When creating a mailing, enter the ID string in the intelliAd tab that you generated in your intelliAd account. The ID string consists of six blocks of numbers according to the following format:


Each block of numbers encodes one of the link parameters specified above, with the exception of the last parameter subId. The parameter subId is generated from Episerver Campaign. The intelliAd tracking is activated as soon as an ID string is saved for a mailing. Links in this mailing are created according to the following format when the email is delivered:

The breaks have been added for better emphasis. The redirect parameter includes the original URL and is URL-encoded. The encoding was omitted for better readability.

Links without tracking

By default, the following links are not tracked via intelliAd.


To analyze the performance of your email campaigns in intelliAd, sign in to your intelliAd account and, in the dashboard, select the channel optivo broadmail. The timeline shows you clicks in the selected channel. Filter the results according to the criteria you have defined.

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