Translation interface

The semi-automatic translation interface makes it easy and fast to create and send mailings in multiple languages. The original mailing is used as source mailing for other languages.

Any mailing you create can be used as source mailing with the translation interface. After the mailing has been created and the content is introduced, the translation is requested via the interface. Until the translation has been submitted, the mailing cannot be dispatched. When the translation is submitted by the translation service provider, a new mailing in the target language will be created automatically in your Episerver Campaign client.

Data format

Episerver Campaign creates an XML file for translation from the source mailing. The delivered data has an identical data structure within the same XML namespace.

Translation service provider

The translation is carried out by a translation agency. The data transfer between Episerver Campaign and the translation service provider is realized via email. The XML file to translate is sent automatically to an email address provided by the translation service provider and configured at setup. The translation into the target language is sent back to Episerver Campaign vial email, too. The translation is imported automatically.

Which translation service providers can be used? In principle, any translation service provider can carry out the translations for you. The only condition is that the chosen translation service provider can handle the delivered XML format.

This function is available as add-on for Episerver Campaign. If you want to use this function, contact customer support.

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