SAP CRM integration

The SAP CRM integration1 allows you to transfer your B2B and B2C contacts to Episerver Campaign. In addition, Episerver Campaign will receive all bounces and unsubscribes and use these to keep your marketing permissions up-to-date.

The SAP CRM integration is designed to work with the standard version of SAP CRM. You must make adjustments to your SAP system to set up the integration. This process will incur additional costs in your cutover planning. We would be happy to help you with your cutover planning and clarify any individual adjustment requirements you may have for the implementation of the integration.

The integration is only available for the English user interface of SAP CRM.

If you would like to use SAP CRM integration1, contact Episerver customer support. Our employees would be happy to advise you on the individual steps involved in implementing the SAP CRM integration into your SAP CRM.

System requirements

To implement the SAP CRM integration into your SAP CRM, your system should have the following components in the relevant specified versions (or higher).

Component Release Service Pack
BBPCRM 713 0002
SAP_BASIS 740 0005
SAP_ABA 740 0005

The following requirements must also be met in order to ensure an error-free integration with Episerver Campaign:

SAP Notes

The following adjustments to SAP must be made before you can execute the SAP CRM integration:

SAP Note


2020488 CSV file incorrect for a BP with multiple contact people
2030623 CRM_IC_ADD_DATA_BADI does not receive account information

Marketing Permissions

The marketing permissions of your SAP contacts must be valid, and you must maintain them in accordance with legal requirements. Episerver integration does not offer validity checking and marketing permissions maintenance services. Furthermore, no wildcard permissions may be used.


The SAP CRM integration must be installed by a person who is experienced in using SAP CRM and who has access to the file system and the application server. Typically, this task is performed by an SAP basis administrator.

Contact your SAP system administrator for assistance with installation.

Episerver provides a separate Cutover Guide, an Administrator Guide, a Functional Design Document and a Technical Design Document that describes the individual installation steps and features to guide you through the installation process.

The topics in this section describe how to use the SAP CRM integration after the installation. For a quick overview of the technical solution that is used for SAP CRM integration, see Functionality of SAP CRM integration.

1 This feature is only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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