Salesforce integration

Send Episerver Campaign mailings directly from your Salesforce CRM and use contact/lead data to automatically personalize your mailing contents. With the Salesforce integration you can transfer customer-specific fields (up to the third level) to your recipient lists and use, for example, personalized salutations for leads and contact owners.

With just a few clicks you can start campaign mailings from the Salesforce user interface and receive all the important response data for each individual recipient after your mailings have been sent, e.g. openings, clicks, outbounces, direct replies and unsubscriptions.

Range of features and supported versions

The Salesforce integration of Episerver Campaign supports the following features and versions.

Feature Enterprise Edition Unlimited Edition Performance Edition
Campaign management
Transfer of recipient data
Transfer of returned emails/response data: Openings, clicks, direct replies
Synchronization of unsubscriptions and outbounces

Setup in Episerver Campaign

  1. To set up the Salesforce integration in your client, contact our customer support team and ask for the integration software package.
  2. Provide Episerver with the following information:
    • Your SOAP API user name in Episerver Campaign. If you do not have a SOAP API user account, our customer support team will be happy to set this up for you. In order for us to do this, create a separate email address that you do not use for logging in to Episerver Campaign.
    • Let us know whether, in addition to the standard data, you would like additional CRM data transferred to your Episerver Campaign recipient list (see Transfer additional fields to Episerver Campaign).
    • The client IDs that are to be used with the integration (up to three clients are supported for the integration).

To view your client ID, open the Episerver Campaign start menu and, under Administration, click API overview. Then switch to the SOAP API tab.

The Salesforce topics describe how to install, configure and use the Salesforce integration. If you experience any problems during setup or operation, contact customer support.  

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