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The Episerver user guide describes features in the Episerver platform, including CMS for content management and Commerce for e-commerce management, and add-ons from Episerver. New features are continuously made available through Episerver updates.

Due to frequent feature releases, this user guide may describe functionality that is not yet available on your website.

This user guide (17-4) describes features added up until and including update 171 for Episerver; see Episerver World for previous user guide versions.

Area Features and updates
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  • Content approvals: An administrator can now add user groups, as well as individual users, as reviewers in a content approval sequence. (update 167)
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  • This version of the user guide contains no updates to the Episerver Find section.

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  • This version of the user guide contains the following updates to the Add-ons sections.
    • Marketo. Marketo connector now supports association of a lead to a campaign. To do this, a pre-defined hidden field whose value is set to the campaign Id is added to the form. This field is mapped to the field called “Epi_MAI_Marketo_Campaign_Id”, in the form field mapping screen.
    • Salesforce. Support for the Case database/object in Salesforce.
    • ExactTarget. Supports form mapping to:
      • All subscribers. (Subscriber option in the drop-down).
      • Subscriber lists. Subscriber lists are displayed in the pattern Subscriber – list name. When a form is mapped to a list, upon submission, the subscriber is added to the specified list and also to the all subscribers list.
      • Data Extensions. Follows the pattern Extension – extension name.
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