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Episerver Spellchecker for TinyMCE is an add-on and requires a separate installation, as it is not included by default in an Episerver installation. The Episerver Spellchecker for TinyMCE add-on requires no additional license. See Episerver World for installation and configuration details.

The spellchecker verifies spelling in the TinyMCE editor. See also Editing content using the rich-text editor.

After you install the add-onA plug-in or module, developed by Episerver or its partners, to extend the capabilities of Episerver. Add-ons are available from the Episerver Add-on Store inside Episerver., you can add the Spellchecker as a toolbar button to content types that use the rich-text editor using the administration interface. See Configuring the rich-text editor.

Click Spell Checker to check your spelling in the rich-text editor. Spellchecker highlights words with alternative spellings, and you can click the word to see the alternatives.

You can select a language from the list of available languages under the spellchecker button.

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To make a dictionary available in the spellchecker language list, enable the language on your website from the CMS administration interface; see Managing website languages.

Spellchecker includes the following dictionaries:

  • Danish (da)
  • Dutch (nl)
  • English (en-US)
  • French (fr)
  • German (de)
  • Italian (it)
  • Norwegian (nb-NO)
  • Polish (pl)
  • Portuguese (pt)
  • Russian (ru)
  • Spanish (es)
  • Swedish (sv)

To add language dictionaries, see Episerver World.

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