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The Episerver user guide describes features in the Episerver platform, including CMS for content management and Commerce for e-commerce management, and add-ons from Episerver. New features are continuously made available through Episerver updates.

Due to frequent feature releases, this user guide may describe functionality that is not yet available on your website.

This user guide (17-1) describes features added up until and including update 149 for Episerver; see Episerver World for previous user guide versions.

Area Features and updates
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  • Administrators can now configure A/B testing to automatically publish test winners. See Configuring A/B testing. (update 142)
  • If you have started an approval sequence or are one of the designated reviewers, you are notified of this in the user interface (and by email if your system is configured for this). See Content approvals (Beta). (update 143)
  • When working with multiple languages, it is possible to filter the navigation pane, Blocks gadget, and Versions gadget to display content in the currently selected language only. The Show Content in Current Language Only setting is now sticky and does not have to be reset after each page reload. See Translating content. (update 146)
  • Tasks pane updated with content approvals. See Use the Tasks pane. (update 149)
  • Updates on how to configure A/B testing and on the scheduled job (Marketing Test Monitor) used for A/B testing.
  • The sections CMS for editors and CMS for administrators have been merged under a CMS section in the top menu.
  • A video demonstrating the A/B testing functionality has been added.

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  • This version of the user guide contains no updates to the Episerver Commerce sections.
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  • This version of the user guide contains no updates to the add-ons sections.

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